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Since we just got our new boat in November 2022, we will be getting all her stats and information together for some time. I’ll continue to update this page as I get the information gathered, and as we make changes.

Wandering Toes is our 1988 Heritage East Aquarius 41 Sundeck Motor Yacht.  She was originally purchased

We were able to make a deal for her purchase and are very thrilled to become her fifth owners.

We found her for sale in the fall of 2022 in Cambridge, Maryland. The process of purchasing her is an epic tale that deserves it’s own blog post. How we got her and what we went through is probably a lesson in patience and determination. After nearly a month of relentless dedication to making this our boat, it was finalized on November 2nd, 2022 and she was officially ours. We changed her name from Caribbean Mermaid to Wandering Toes when we sent in our Documentation paperwork to the Coast Guard. As it was getting cold, we made the necessary maintenance to get her ready, and we were off to Florida in November and December of 2022.

and sailed on Lake Michigan near Milwaukee, WI.  Her first owner named her Baracoda and was presumably associated with the bar code industry.  She was sold in the early 2000’s, moved to Lake Pepin in Minnesota on the Mississippi River and renamed Margaritaville.  Her second owner replaced the aluminum holding tank with a poly tank as they were known issues and susceptible to failure.  Few changes were made to her and she was left in nearly new condition over the years.  Her second owner moved the boat to Barker’s Island Marina on Lake Superior in 2006 where she was until we found her for sale late in 2012.  As a fresh water boat sailed in an area where the sailing seasons are mainly June-September her systems and rigging are very lightly used.  She was nearly 20 years old when we found her but was in very nice condition. 

The name:

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We came up with the name Wandering Toes in about 2008. We were having dinner one night at Buffalo Wild Wings, and were listening to a Jimmy Buffett song on the radio called School Boy Heart.  The lyrics went like this:  I’ve got a school boy heart, a novelists eye, stout sailors legs and a license to fly.  I came with nomad feet, and some wandering toes, that climb up my long board and hang off the nose….  I said to Marge that Wandering Toes would make a great boat name and she agreed. To read further on how we found our 1993 Hunter Legend 35.5 sailboat, outfitted her for cruising to The Bahamas, and the adventures we had on her, click here and be sure to read through our archives.

Because Wandering Toes is so integrated into our life, we chose to rename our new boat to Wandering Toes also. We are still having trouble referring to our new boat as Wandering Toes, but we’ll get there. We just need to get her outfitted the way we want, and to take her on new adventures to create those memories!


Her general specifications:

LOA: 41′-0″

LWL: 29′-9″

Beam: 14′-6″

Draft: 4′-0″

Height with VHF antenna up: 23′-6″
Height with VHF antenna down: 17′-8″

Displacement: 28,000 lbs.


Hunter sailboats have been made in Alachua, Florida since 1973, making ours a 20th anniversary model.  Hunter was sold in 2012 to Marlow Yachts and is now known as Marlow-Hunter and continues to survive.

A professional BoatUS review of the Hunter Legend 35.5 model, by Jack Horner:


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