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Think Caddy Shack

So this post is about a dilemma we had here within the last month. What do you think is one of the weirdest things you can get on a boat…….. Well, for us, it was getting a mouse on-board! Not sure how it happened, but it did. Yuk! Happened sometime after we got to Stuart.

Started by seeing droppings on the Sundeck. Then it ate a hole in one of our window screens, then he was in.

Repaired screen

Then we were hearing scratching at night and finding more traces of the little creep, that we dubbed Mickey. Found 2 of his nests. Apparently he found some old cat food, chewed through the bag blah blah blah.. Our main fear was he’d chew thru a hose(sink the boat) or chew wiring(start a fire) neither one of which is good. Geez they’re distructive critters. Chewed through thick plastic tops and got his way eventually to the top of the fridge.

So it’s all out war now. Think Whack-a-mole. We had snap traps with peanut butter, glue traps, Tomcat poison traps, baking soda traps etc. Well now it’s time for the big guns. We haven’t seen this thing yet, but he’s making us Crazy…..So we bought some Big rat traps and an electronic zap trap, $50 bucks. At this point we just want him gone. Armed it, set on top of the fridge. And WaLa. Next morning the E-raticator did it’s job!

Dead Mickey!

Alone again at last, after a massive cleaning. So now we can get back to being happy boaters.

Till next time