Found our New Boat!

Hi everybody! Lots of things have changed since last Fall when I wrote last. We traveled from Duluth MN to Cambridge MD, where we had put money down on a boat we found. Very scary, as it was done site unseen. Well….on the way our brakes on Verne (our RV), failed going thru Chicago’s south side. Boy was that an adventure.

Going in for Repairs

Once we were rolling again, $$$ later and a week or so staying in the repair shops parking lot, off to MD we went, over the mountains on our new brakes. Weeeee.

Home of our New Boat

We stayed in a park in DE, Trap Pond SP, for a couple weeks, and were able to move to the marina in Cambridge where the boat was. That saved us alot of travel time. It’s a great little town on the East side of the Chesapeake across from Baltimore.

Camping at the Marina

So….after all the sea trials, there were 3 of them, and the survey and some price adjustments with the help of the broker, Super great guy, we are the proud owners of our new Wandering Toes.

Survey day

Now the fun begins! Until next time. On M/V Wandering Toes

David & Marge

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