The Life Of Luna

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. While we were still in George Town at an anchorage called Red Shanks, Luna (David) thought they’d go for a dinghy ride


Well, that didn’t go so good. David and Luna got out there, maybe 40ft away, and Luna decided, enough of this crap! I’m going BACK TO THE BOAT! Never expected this. She jumped off the dinghy, maybe 6or8 ft and Boy can she swim. It happened so fast, so I don’t have pics of her, but she was on a mission. Straight back to me on Wandering Toes. Up into the boat, and wet, scared, cat everywhere down inside. Water everywhere!

After the rinse

Then we had to catch her and rinse her off with fresh water. Kitty chaos! All is well, and she’s back to normal


Luna signing off

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