Dean’s Blue Hole, Part 1

One of the great things about traveling is getting to see some of the world’s most unique spots. Dean’s Blue Hole is one of those spots. Known for being one of the deepest Blue Holes on the planet, it attracts freedivers from around the world looking to set personal and world records for the deepest freedive. Freediving is where people will dive on a single breath and no oxygen equipment to crazy deep depths. Like many minutes and hundreds of feet deep. Dean’s Blue Hole is reported to be 202 meters deep. That’s like 662 feet or approximately a 60 storey building. Deep.

It also happens to be amazingly beautiful. Located inside of a rock outcropping with sand beaches just next to it, it’s connected to the ocean by a shallow waterway. You can walk around all over in here in knee deep water at low tide, and at the Hole it drops off within a few feet to an underwater cliff leading straight down.

This was our second time here and it’s just too cool to miss. The freediving stuff scares the $#!+ out of me, but it’s a really cool place to snorkel also. That being said, I’m going to write up a separate blog post showing what we found this time around as I’m still mentally processing it.

Leaving Dean’s Blue Hole, we drove to the southernmost point on long Island, a place called Gordon’s settlement. The entire town seems to be just a single beach bar and one of the prettiest beaches I think I’ve ever seen. It looks to be very shallow and therefore has the perfect teal-blue color of water. The beach was completely clean and we didn’t see any ocean trash anywhere.

It really has to be the most picturesque and unpopulated beach I’ve ever come across. Not the normal Bahamian rock outcroppings, but just beautiful beach, perfect sand, and clean clear water. Also most likely the furthest south I’ve ever been on the planet. I think we’re south of Havana at this latitude.

Bummer was that the super cute beach bar was closed when we were there. So we just walked on the beach for a while, sat with our friends at a cabana table and took pictures. Lunch was on our mind so we didn’t stay too long and headed back to Clarence Town.

Clarence Town is on the east side of the island and open to the fury of the Atlantic when there are easterly winds, which is most of the time. The bay is shallow at low tide with numerous sand and coral heads, but a few small cays at the entrance do provide a modicum of safety for boats on this otherwise treacherous side of the island. Better a bit of safety than none at all! Very pretty though. A marina for large fishing boats and fuel availability is found right inside a hook of protection from a massive man-made rock jetty.

We had lunch at the Lighthouse Point Restaurant on the upper deck of the resort here. Our group of six ordered delicious fish tacos, burgers, conch fritters and drinks. Everything was excellent and we had the entire place to ourselves on a lovely Friday afternoon.

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