Just Beachy!

Marge and Malic

Needing to get off the boat and stretch our legs, we walked across the island from Thompson Bay to the ocean-side beach. Winds were +/- 15 knots, and the swells coming in from the Atlantic caused beautiful wave sets to crash along the small reefs just off from the beach.

We walked almost the entire beach towards the north and back. I always love the sound of the crashing waves.

This is a pretty nice beach to walk because it’s fairly flat and easy to walk in the surf. When the beaches are too steep, they’re harder to walk, but give a better exercise. A couple of miles of beach walk on uneven sand and you can really feel it in your legs the next day!

You never know what you’re going to find, so you just gotta go look!

One thought on “Just Beachy!”

  1. Your killing me! It’s 11 below, no girlfriend to keep me warm and my firewood is running out. BUT, I’m healthy and employed, grandkids like me and I get to look at your Great Pics‼️‼️ Bob✌️


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