A walk on Crab Cay

We went for a walk on Crab Cay today with our Canadian friends from the boats Jolie Briese and Chandelle. We dinghied over to a beach where we could leave the boats for a while. We walked around the old William Walker estate ruins. The views from this highest point on the island are really cool.

We sat by the edge of a deep canal that someone had cut into the island and had a snack for lunch. We joked about how it seems to lead to nowhere, but if you’re in your top-secret James Bond submarine there’s probably a cave entrance to a secret lair inside the island. Just being silly and enjoying the day.

We then walked over to see the remains of where a big marina had been planned. It is overgrown and not much there. You can see that someone had grand plans for an expensive community and marina here before it all fell apart. For now the island appears to be completely abandoned.

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