January 1-14, 2020

So another year, here we go. In retrospect, not the year we planned. Made George Town by 2pm. 1-1-20 David caught a Barracuda, nice but can’t eat it. 1-4 JP n Nathalie, friends of Michel and Malic come today. We go in for Junkanoo. Definite island time! We were early, they are late. Super fun and colorful, goes way into the night. 1-5-2020 Have some windy days coming. Did some beach walking. 1-9-20 the winds have come up. Let out more chain. 35K+ winds. Wild. 1-10 Major Rules Day. Nat’l holiday here. Very windy. Did some fun walks across the island. 1-14 David got to talk with a local gal (Montana) who is a biology major, lots of info on local island flora n fauna. Super fun for him. Went into Chat n Chill to listen to a guy who lost his boat in the Jumentos, Flamingo Isle. Rumors of a disease out of China.
118.5 Engine Hours

David’s Barracuda
The Local Beach Bar on Stocking Island
Our Friend Malic Dancing on the Beach
Fossils we find on the Beach
Our Anchorage
Looking for the Green Flash
Michel, Malic, Nathalie coming into Victoria Harbour,
Junkanoo Begins 8:45pm
And the Fun Begins
One of Three Different Groups
Another Lead Float
Super Colorful and Lots of Music Too!
Amazing Night!
Out for a Day of Exploring
The Guys Playing Dominos in a Beach Tiki Hut
The Winds are Coming
30 Knots and Higher
Lots of Wind, Meriwether, New Friends We Met, in the Background
Always Look for the Rainbow
Sand Dollar Beach Anchorage
On the Ocean Side
Swimming in the Pools on the Ocean Side
Ocean Side was Pretty Wild
Good Times!
Our Little Pool
Guess Who?
Little Hermit Crab Houses, at Low Tide
Walking Over the Island from Ocean Side
Ukulele Lessons on Chat n Chill Beach
The Guy who Lost His Boat