December 14, 2019

So it Begins
Serious Crashing Into It!
Lots of Waves and Water
David Cleaning Salt Spray off the Windows!
Anchored in Great Harbour, The Berries
Heading Out on the 12th
Calm Before in Got Wild
The Stirrups, Cruise Ship Playground
Watching the Scenery go By
Nice and Easy
Captain having a Tough Day
Sunset at Rose Island, East of Nassau

12-09 We have been traveling with a couple other boats, Jolie Brise, our friends from Quebec, and another French couple on Fleur Des Ils. We all left on the morning of the 9th for the Berries. SE winds, right on the nose. Long day, lots of crashing into it. Unfortunately, motoring hard most of the day. Made Great Harbour in the Berries just before sunset, 5:15pm. Fleur Des Ils had some engine issues and came in after dark. Stayed a few days, did Sundowners, some boat hopping, snorkeling, regroup. 12-12 Time to go. Around the top of Berries where the big cruise lines have their party islands, and down to Hoffman and Saddleback Cays. Pretty wild day! Breaking waves, 22knots of East wind, fairly uncomfortable. Made anchorage by 2:15pm. 12-14 We leave for Rose Island, east of Nassau by 8AM. Winds SW, waters have settled down. Very pretty day. Anchored South of Rose by 3PM. Motorsailed. Jolie Brise and Fleur Des Ils here too. No Mahi. Off to the Exumas tomorrow.
91 Engine Hours