November 30, 2019

The Beginning of a Long Day
Our View
Settling in for the Overnight
Our Sunset
Sunrise after a Long Night
Manatees in Ft. Pierce Harbor
At Anchor
Ft. Pierce Sunset
Coming Up The St. Lucie Towards Stuart
The Bridges at Stuart
Happy to Be Here
New Window – Yeah! No More Leaks

 11-25th and 26th up and off the mooring by 7:15am. 163 nautical miles to Ft. Pierce. Roughly 27 hours. Rounded Cape Canaveral about 12:30am. Had a mystery boat by us that kept popping on and off our AIS, was kinda creepy. Became a little choppy but smoothed out by morning. Made the Ft. Pierce inlet with a little incoming tide, nice. At anchor across from the city marina before noon. Expecting our friends on Jolie Brise by 5 or so. 11-27 Slept for 12 hours, wow. We stay here today. David went into town to get a new piece of window to fix our leaky one. 11-28 Thanksgiving Day. We make our way to Stuart, up the St. Lucie River. Anchor in Pendarvis Cove across from the Sunset Bay Marina. 11-30 We will do our final provisioning, fixed the window, Yeah, no more leaks. Visit with friends and wait for our weather window to cross the Gulf Stream. Last official day of hurricane season!
44 Engine Hours