November 24, 2019

On Our Way
At Our First Anchorage
Sunset by Jacksonville
Down the ICW Towards St. Augustine
Castillo San Marcos, St. Augustine FL
Replica of the Santa Maria
Happy Birthday to Me!
What a Fun Place!
Our Balcony Table at Harry’s Restaurant
Harry’s, What a Great Place!
The City Lights Up

11-21 Next chapter. We head for St. Augustine. Off the dock at 10:15 and up the river towards Jacksonville. Anchored at Little Marsh Island by 4:15. Saw our 1st dolphins again! Getting used to floating again. 11-22 Off anchor before 7am.  We go under the Pablo Creek Bridge which has a wicked current, can be 5.5K with or against you. We made it thru with about 4.5K against us, so thru at 1.5 knots, yeah! Made St. Augustine Bridge of Lions 1pm opening. 
11-23 😉 It’s my Birthday and we are going to Harry’s. Big holiday lighting in town tonight, it’s a very big deal. A Big Party just for me!! Wandered around town in the afternoon as they started shutting down streets, Police everywhere, porto-potties set up, vendors in the park, everybody’s in a very festive mood. Went to Harry’s about 4pm, and Michael, the host gave us a wonderful table on the front balcony overlooking everything, super fun and very delicious! It’s like the 4th of July, and at 6pm they turned on all the decorative lights, WOW! Very fun. 11-24 To the fuel dock for water and fuel as we were only able to get a mooring for 2 days. We get lucky! We get to stay for another day, someone vacated their mooring just for the day and we were 1st on the list!  We will be up and off early tomorrow as we go offshore, heading for Ft. Pierce.