November 20, 2019

Cooleroo off, Topsides Cleaned
Now the Insides
Need to Replace the Battery Bank
New Anchor Chain Installed, Yeah!
Took Some Time Off to Enjoy the Neighborhood
Verne’s Temporary Home
She’s Looking Better
We Launch Today, Cold n Windy, Here we Go!
In We Go!
And She’s In YEAH!
Dinner out With our Friends Before We Leave
Wandering Toes is at the Dock
Getting Verne Ready to Put into Storage
Sad but Good Day, He’s Covered n Stored
Hammy Too, and We Leave

11-01 New Chapter. At the boat. Chilly today. The boat fared well, lots of green slime on the outside, the inside was just like we left it. Aired it out. The Cooleroo is a great product. Broke my glasses again, 4th time. Need new ones before we go. 11-02 Went to get my phone fixed. Now on DST. Need to get new batteries as ours were getting bad last year. 11-05  Found new batteries, 2 different places, but got them. Had some bad news, a friend  died, very unexpected and sad. Drove into St. Augustine, and had dinner with our friends Rick n Alma, was good to see them. 11-06 Expecting Jolie Brise anytime now, new anchor chain installed, the dinghy inflated, all is good. 11-13  42 degrees and windy, 30mph, and the boat goes in the water. Will need to move to a dock tomorrow. 11-15 WT is fully commissioned, need to put Verne (RV) into storage. 11-20 Found a good place to store Verne, last grocery shopping, said good byes, as we leave tomorrow.