January 15-31, 2020

Settling into life in George Town. It is great boating community. Very windy on the Atlantic side. 1-17 Friday, had a gathering of the A.R.G. committee. Rumor had it, it was started in the days of Blackbeard and needs to be remembered. Stands for Alcohol Research Group! Good turnout. So everybody brought snacks to share and their favorite research material! Now when you hear people say Aaarrrgggg! You know what it means. 😉 1-19 Sunday, Wind has calmed, wow what a difference. Went into Chat n Chill to listen to a local Bahamian, Cordell Thompson talk about the history of George Town, Exumas, and all the Bahamas in general, very interesting. Relaxed on the boat, you could hear the Atlantic roaring on the other side of the island, very calm here, but what an amazing sound. 1-22 Tuesday, moved the boat to another anchorage, Red Shanks behind a small set of cays (Crab Cay) just South of George Town. 360 degree protection and Crab Cay has a fascinating history. Saw some wrecks in the smaller bays, boats that died here. 1-24 Friday, wind is back lots happening. Boats dragging anchor, some with no one on them, lot of excitement. David did a knot tying demo on a super easy way to tie a bowline, we learned from a friend of ours back in Minnesota. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. Our friends on Jolie Brise came back from a side trip they took and we all got together, always fun! 1-26 Sun. David went out fishing, caught a variety of smaller fish. Got a Lane Snapper tho, that was a keeper, we ate him. Went to a local dinner club, St. Francis, for a night of music and burgers. Good talent from a lot of the folks that are here in the anchorages. Everybody came, very fun night! Did a dinghy drift with a bunch of folks, shared snacks and jokes, way fun! 1-30 Thurs. Going lobster hunting with a fellow we met on a different boat. Dave(his name was Dave too) was showing David things to look for when lobstering. Dave got a couple and shared with us. OMG the lobsters here are nothing like what you get at Red Lobster, YUMMY tho! 1-31 Fri. Moved back to Red Shanks by Crab Cay, have some clock-around winds coming.

121 Engine hours

It’s a Tough Life!
The Anchorage at the Base of Monument Hill
The Ocean Side of Stocking Island
The A.R.G. Party
An Atlantic Race Boat that Didn’t Make It
Small Crab Cay Harbors Where Boats Came to Die, Sad to See
Some More Winds in Crab Cay
Calmer Waters
Birthday Celebration on Jolie Brise!
The Boats in One of the Five or More Anchorages across from George Town
The Lane Snapper, Dinner
A Little Grouper
Music and Food at St. Francis Dinner Club
25 or So Boats Doing the Dinghy Drift, What Fun
One of David’s Favorite Buddies at Chat n Chill
Another Sunset
Stocking Island from the Top of Monument Hill
Monument Hill
The Ocean on a Calm Day
Beach Walking
Love the Curl
Miles of Ocean Beach
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