September 22-30, 2019

Border Back to Vermont
And We’re Back!
Burlington, VT
Church St.
Into the Green Mountains
The Marble Quarry at Dorset
The Battenkill that Runs thru Manchester
The Drive Up to Mt. Equinox
View from the Top
Heading Back Down, Quite the Ride, 2nd Gear
Rainy Day, but Made Riverview Marina in The Catskills on the Hudson River
Riverview, Nice To Be By The Water Again!
Heading for The Poconos in PA
The Poconos, Interesting Setup
The Old Fieldhouse Ruins by the Campground
The Delaware Water Gap Falls
The Climb to the Top. 251 Stairs
From the Top!

(9-22) Sunday. We leave for the states today. Heading for Burlington VT. Quebec is a very beautiful place, we’ve had a wonderful time here. Crossed the border, back in the states by 2pm. Wow, Vermont is pretty spectacular too! Grand Isle SP on Lake Champlain by 3:30. Very nice, but no hook-ups. (9-23) Went and explored Burlington today. Church St. and the Marketplace, walking only. Walked the Waterfront and went to the Leahy Lake Champlain Aquatic Center. Fun afternoon. (9-24) Off to Dorset by 10:30. Rain most of the way. Driving thru the Green Mountain Nat’l Forest. Breath-taking! Staying at Dorset RV Park for a couple days, north of Manchester. Explored on the 25th. Apparently there is a lot of marble in these Mtns. Drove by the Dorset Quarry and then into Manchester and the Battenkill River. Next took the drive up Mt. Equinox, almost 4000 ft. and Wow what a view. Fascinating history, and the visitor center at the summit is maintained by the Carthusian monks. (9-26) Travel day, going to Riverview Marina in the Catskills. The same marina we had our mast put back up last year on our way down the Hudson. Very fun to be on the river and see Mike (the Owner) and the boats. (9-27) Heading to Mt. Poconos Campground. Frustrating morning, looking for a propane fill, then our route to the Poconos (9W) had a low bridge clearance. Reroute. But made it by about 4:30. Very nice, but kind of expensive. The place is big and the sites are terraced on the side of the mountain. Crazy, but cool. Great facilities. Here for a week. (9-29) Explored the Delaware Water Gap and hiked up to the falls. And I dropped my phone, cracked screen, but it still works. Argh!
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