September 8-21, 2019

The Chateau Montebello
The Main Lobby, Chimney is about 160 ft. Tall
The Walk
Kayaking on the River
Going thru the Shallows
A Tough Day
J.P. and Nathalie’s Boat They are Preparing for The Bahamas
Great Pizza at Le Bistro With Everyone
One of Michel’s Great Campfires

(9-8) Sunday, we all went to the Chateau Montebello brunch, what an awesome place. It was the site of many diplomatic gatherings. Was a private lodge at one time, now it’s a resort, recreation area, marina, and nature park. We took a long walk thru the park after brunch. Kayaked in the afternoon.  (9-9) Went for a boat ride up the river, around the island in front of their house, it’s part of a park. Very shallow, had to walk the boat part way thru. (9-10) Did some shopping at a local store they have in Quebec, Geant Tigre (Giant Tiger), what fun, they have a little of everything. (9-13) Michel and Malic leave for the weekend and we go to Ottawa on our own on Sat the 14th. Everything here is in French so we did good finding a place to park and walking around downtown and the Marketplace. (9-17) We went to dinner with everyone, Michel and Malic, Nathalie and J.P. (the folks on their dock, planning for the Bahamas next year) and us. Into Le Bistro in Montebello for oven fired pizza! Oh what a treat. The Best! Back to house and had a photo night. Very fun. Wonderful people. Will miss them when we go.
4111 Tot