August 28-31, 2019

Off to the Island
The Swing Bridge at Little Current
Our Spot in Gore Bay
Bridal Veil Falls
South Side of Manitoulin, Providence Bay
The Chi-Cheemaun
Lighthouse in South Baymouth
Coming into Tobermory
Bow Open to Unload Cars
Tobermory’s Harbor
Great Place
Capt. Adam, The Main Pirate!
Our Feast, YUM!
Matt, Another of the Pirate Crew

As I write this, Hurricane Dorian has devastated the Bahamas, we are trying to think of ways to help when we go back, (and we will go back), done  some serious damage coming up the East coast, the Carolinas, the Outer Banks and hit Canada’s Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. Our boat in Florida is good, from what we have heard from our marina.
 So we continue our journey. (8-28) Wed. Said our goodbyes to Bill, it was great to see him, and moved on to Manitoulin Island and Gore Bay for a few days. We were here with our boat last year and had to visit again.     (8-29) Took the car back into Little Current, thru Kagawong and Bridal Veil Falls, so pretty. (8-30) Left Gore Bay, quick stop at Providence Bay,
on to South Baymouth, so we can take the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry to Tobermory tomorrow.    (8-31) Took the ferry to Tobermory on a beautiful day, visited shops and spent way too much money, then went to our favorite fish and chips place, Shipwreck Lee’s, they have the best fish(a few drinks) and atmosphere, and said hi to Adam, the owner, and the rest of the Pirate staff. So great to see him, had a wonderful afternoon!! Return trip on the ferry, back by 6pm. Loved it!!
987 miles
3647 Tot