August 6-10, 2019

Hwy 2 Going East
The Sunflower Fields
I 29 Going North to Canada
The Voyagers
Here We Go!!
The Human Rights Museum
Inside The Marketplace at The Forks
Our site in Cartier Park just South of Winnipeg
The Canadian Mint
Parade of Flags in Front of the Mint
The Loonies!
Guarding the Entrance to the Mint
Dinner with Geoff
The Party
Let’s Limbo!!

On the 6th of Aug. we said our goodbyes and left Walker for Winnipeg Manitoba. Nice weather, less humid, beautiful drive, huge sunflower fields, wow. Crossed the border at 3:30. Made our park by 5:45pm. 8-7, took the car into Winnipeg to The Forks, where the Red River and the Assiniboine come together. There are cultural centers, a big indoor marketplace that has all kinds of fun things and a total mix of ethnicities, shops, food, music…The 50th Anniversary of the Folklorama is going on which we will see when we get together with Geoff, David’s friend. On Thursday 8-8, we took a tour of the Canadian Mint. There are two of them, Ottawa has the other one. It was very, very interesting. 8-9, Friday, we went and had dinner with Geoff, first time I’d met him. Had a great time and made plans for Saturday and the Folklorama. 8-10, spent the day with Geoff, went to the W.A.G. (Winnipeg Art Gallery), then to Stella’s in St. Boniface (French quarter) for cappuccino’s, then the Caribbean Pavilion for jerk chicken, roti’s, rum punches, Island drums, dancing, limbo, music, FUN!
280 miles 2374 Tot
$112 in gas for Verne (RV)
$100 ca.(75 US) for Cartier Park 5 days