August 1-5 2019

At the Park
Mary, my sister
Johnny ha ha
Asymmetrical chute FOR SALE
The Boys

8-1, Walker had a music in the park night that we figured might be fun to do. Very fun local event and their city park is awesome. Johnny Depp (ha) was there too! They had a folk trio there and then the Hornucopia group, 2 Sax’s, Trumpet, and Trombone, couple singers, it was great!! And food. Unfortunately, David had gotten a cold, (1st one in over a year) and we left early, but it was fun. 8-2, we drove into Duluth again to do some rearranging of our things in storage at my brothers, and take some pics of a cruising spinnaker for the boat we need to sell. Anybody needs one let me know. Then went to see our friends Dave and Leslie (Gypsy Spirit) up the North Shore and talk boat trash, stayed overnight, played cards, lots of fun. Back to Walker on Saturday 8-3, and made plans for our voyage to Canada. David’s cold is better, now I have it. Only lasted one day for me.

Did you know, if you click on the heading date, it will give a larger view of the post and pictures! Try it out!!

177 miles 2094 Tot

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