July 15, 2019

Our Anniversary Ride
On the River
Another River Boat Cruise
Artwork in the Mall of America
Snack’s at Dick’s
And Here’s Dick!
Buffy came to visit. PD Pappy’s in Stillwater MN
Back at Bakers Park. Dinner at the Choo Choo Bar
More Rain
The Muddy Aftermath

Monday. We’ve had some heavy rains and try to do things in between. Still very busy, running back and forth to Davids folks, getting some chores done there. Went to lunch with his Aunt and Uncle, Norma and Keith and his Mom and Dad in Stillwater. Made reservations to go out on a river boat dinner cruise on the St.Croix for our anniversary. So on the 3rd of July we went and enjoyed a couple hours on the river, it didn’t rain and we had a very lovely night! July 4th we went mall walking in the Mall of America and had a snack at Dick’s Last Resort, very funny place, then back to the RV and watched the fireworks over the river. Took some walks down in Hudson, my sister Buffy came and visited for an afternoon and on the 13th we moved back to Bakers Park for a few days, went to the Choo Choo Bar in Delano and had some yummy burgers! We had some pretty torrential rains and storms on the 15th, muddy, muddy!
Miles 1917