August 16-18, 2019

On Our Way, Day Trip
Savant Lake Very Small
Real Estate in the Area
On our Way to Sioux Lookout
40 Miles of Gravel Road
Stopped by a Boat Launch
New Bridge by Boat Launch
Old Bridge
Typical Highway Scenery
Public Dock at Sioux Lookout
Back Home at Davey’s
Our Trek for the Day, 236 miles

8-16. So, we did some exploring by car today. Went up into the forest/lakes area North of Ignace. WOW! Amazing countryside, very rugged, elevations to 1500ft. thick trees, 1000s of lakes. One stretch was 40 miles of gravel road(still smoother than some roads in MN or WI). Ignace north to Savant Lake, west to Sioux Lookout, lunch/dinner at 5th Ave Bar and Grill, east to Silver Dollar and back to Ignace and the campground, 236 miles. Great  Day! Next couple of days were quiet and we got ready to move on to Thunder Bay area. Did some rearranging of storage compartments, always fun. On Sunday 8-18, got together with Bob and Stephanie for a Sundowners and some good conversation. It’s been a great stay here, loved it!!
0 miles 2660 Tot
$  in gas for Verne (RV)
$240 ca. Davey’s Lake RV Park 7 days