June 30, 2019 Sunday

Path to the old Stillwater bridge
The bridge
The Bridge, water is very high
Our new fire pit
Como Park Conservatory
Flamingos at the Como Zoo
My Sisters
Hot day on the St Croix, boats rafted together, 17 or more
BBQ with Mom and Dad
Lots of rain!

So we are out of Spring and into Summer now. Been busy, have ridden the bike trail from here across the new bridge, very nice. Stillwater is a very fun place. Been busy doing things with Davids folks, painting, trying to help them clean out things. Spent a day at the Como Conservatory and Zoo, that was nice, and a good break for us. My sisters have come to visit. 6-28 our friends Bill and Pauline came on a very rainy day, but it was still good. Davids parents came on the 29th and we went and walked the Hudson toll bridge, and then went to a really good BBQ joint in No. Hudson. Very hot, heat indexes were like 100 or more. Had some very severe weather but we missed the worst of it.