June 15, 2019

Our new sun shade
David’s Sister Vikki and her husband James
Different campsite
David, Pauline and Meadow(puppy) doing smores
Moving to Wisconsin on a rainy day
Going across the new St Croix River bridge
Our new spot in Houlton WI

So, we’ve had some friends and family come visit, we have moved campsites a few times and have moved over to Wisconsin on June 11th for a month thru maybe the 14th of July. We are parked in a mobile home RV site in Houlton WI. It’s a little different than being in a county or state park. They have had some water issues but we do have access to water and we can fill our water tank so we are good. Have been taking care of business things we need too, and helping David’s folks with things they need help with.