May 31, 2019

Moving to So Superior WI
I hate snow!
The Heritage
Nieces n Nephews at my Brother’s
Marge’s brother, his wife, and sisters
Getting ready to leave
The move
Bakers Park

On Friday the 17th we are moving to our friends in South Superior WI for a few days. Was a very chilly weekend and we had about 5 inches of very wet snow and windy YUK! Good visiting and relaxing and waiting for the snow to melt! On Monday we moved into Duluth and parked in the lot of my old job at the Essentia Heritage Sports Center. Went to lunch and visited with the folks I used to work with, was fun. Had an extremely windy night, 40mph hitting the RV on the side pretty rock n rollie.  On the 22nd we head back to the Twin Cities area, first to my brother’s for a few days, a birthday lunch with my sisters, then to David’s folks over the Memorial Day Weekend. Get together with a lot of his family. We will move to Baker’s Park just west of Mpls for a couple weeks until June 11th, and check out a place in Wisconsin to park for the month until after the 4th of July.