May 16, 2019

We made it!
Driving North
Coming into Duluth MN
Verne waking up from a long nap
Off to Cornucopia
Some of the Cornie dogs, good to see them 🙂
Siskiwit Bay
Our good friend Rick, who came to see us
A Siskiwit Bay sunset

So we’ve made it back to Minneapolis MN. Stayed with David’s folks for a few days, got together with family and made some arrangements to park the RV, Verne, once we get him out of storage. Sat. the 11th we headed north with a quick stop at my brothers in Blaine MN to see if we can visit them and stay when we come back with Verne.
Made it to storage and picked up our RV, he started right off, we were a little worried as he’d been there for almost a year! Went to Cornucopia, our old marina, to commission and visit with our friends there. We have come full circle, back where we started July 2018. It was lots of fun, seeing folks we haven’t seen for a long time. Making plans to put the tow bar on Verne so we can pull the car behind, right now I am playing chase car until we get that installed. Met up with some folks we met way back in the beginning of this journey, in Houghton 2018. They were bringing their boat back to Grand Marais MN. There have been some awful storms there thru the Fall and Spring. Anyway, their boat was on a mooring ball that broke and the boat got pushed up on the rocks. Very sad, but fixable as it was a steel boat, but badly dented on the port side. It was nice to see them and glad they are OK.