May 1, 2019

Leaving St Augustine
Our last trip on the water for awhile
Meet Hammy, our ride home
On the road
Along the Gulf Coast
The beaches on the Gulf
Devastation from Hurricane Michael on Hwy 98
Very sad
Testing launch pads at Stennis NASA Research center by New Orleans
1st stage of the Saturn 5 Rocket boosters

What we’ve been up too.
Welcome back! Lots going on since my last post. We have visited with friends in St. Augustine. The boat is cleaned up, moved, on the hard and hopefully safe for hurricane season. Did some super serious cleaning as mold and bugs are a big issue here. Our friends from Jolie Brise have gone home to Canada, we hope to see them this summer. Said goodbye to others we’ve met. Hope to see friends we traveled with who are already home. We bought a car (a whole nother story) so we can get back to Wisconsin to get our RV. We are on the road, and as of this writing are in Baton Rouge. Going from a max speed of about 7-8 knots to 70mph is a bit of a switch. Driven thru some amazing countryside on the Gulf coast. Some that was absolutely devastated by Hurricane Michael and is still trying to pick up the pieces. Made me very sad, to see that in our country, I’d hate to see what Puerto Rico looks like. People are very resilient, and everyone we saw was hanging in there.
So, I will be doing my log again, we are excited to be going north to see family and friends and get our RV, Verne, out of storage and continue our journey. Follow along, I’m excited about it all.

Miles 730 Total 730