March 31, 2019

Taking down our Bahama flag, sad
Not much wind
The Churn coming in Ft. Pierce Inlet

82 nautical miles to go. Off anchor at 5am. Jolie Brise too. Fairly calm, winds are out of the NW but should clock around to the south. With the Gulf Stream we should make it in 12 hours or so. Going for Ft Pierce. Good crossing. Bigger swells than we thought but OK. Anchored across from the city marina at 5:30pm. We are back! The phones do NOT work. Not happy! Turns out it was operator error. Settings got changed in The Bahamas and need to be changed back. We suspended our service, not canceled, works better that way. Big hassle otherwise. So, did our CBP Roam app and we are checked in! Yeah!
Dockage $.00
Engine – 12.50 hrs – 282.50 FF Total