March 21, 2019

Current Cut
Spanish Wells low tide

Going thru Current Cut this morning, must be timed with a slack tide. Off anchor at 8:30am. What a beautiful place! Water is rushing thru the Window this morning as we leave and you can see spray coming thru a blow hole down the road a bit. I am Awed at this place. 10:20 we are going thru the Cut based on 2 hours passed Nassau’s high tide. Was good, maybe 1.5 knots only against us. Anchored at noon just off of Spanish Wells on the south side of the island at noon. North Bound, is here too. Jolie Brise and Windover with us. Into town and explored. North side of the island is nicer, more industrial and the fishing docks are on the south side. Lunch at Budda’s with everyone, fun place, reminds me of Tom’s Burned Down on Madeline Island back home in the Apostles. Back at the boats had a small rain squall come thru and had a beautiful double rainbow.
Dockage $.00
Engine – 3.50 hrs – 242.5 FF Total