March 20, 2019

The Atlantic coming thru the Window
The calm side
The Atlantic

1st day of Spring. Cloudy but calmer. Off to the Glass Window 12:15. Jolie Brise too, then to Spanish Wells tomorrow. 1:45 at anchor in the bay off of the Window. What a day! Walked up to the bridge, it is being rebuilt as a past hurricane moved the last one 7 ft. The Glass window originally was a hole that the Atlantic beat thru a small section of the island. We then hiked up to the Queen’s Bath’s. WoW what a site! The power of the ocean gives me goose bumps. In the right conditions the waves on the Atlantic side come crashing into the shore, the coral cliffs and coves here and foam up so it looks like a giant bubble bath! Must be careful as the wave crash is pretty big here. Lots of pictures, takes my breath away. Back to the boats, dinner and cards later on Jolie Brise. Plan for the Cut tomorrow, it’s a tide thing.
Dockage $.00
Engine – 1.50 hrs – 239 FF Total