February 12, 2019

Paloma and two others left this morning. Still pretty rocky, but we may go too. 15knots SE. Would like to fill up with diesel and water first. David went into the GH Marina to do that. Left at 11am for Goat Cay on the NE side of Great Stirrup Cay. Need to flip the furling line end for end. Made our anchorage by 1:30. We passed the islands where Disney and Norwegian cruise lines have docks. Pretty swanky. Was fairly rocky out there before we made our turn in. And David lost a lure to a……Barracuda (we think). VERY ROCKY all night, not much sleep. Calmed a little after 3am. Knocked a picture off the wall.
Dockage $.00
Engine – 2.50 hrs – 187 FF Total
Fuel $40 Water $6