February 07, 2019

Thurs. 6:45am we’re off. Pretty bumpy once we got out the channel. Winds seem to be more SE than the predicted NE.  We are headed SE go figure! 3-5ft seas or more on the beam, so lumpy and a long way to go. Nobody else out here but the cruise ships, and us! Very salty day, lots of waves over the bow weeeeeee! Good speed, 7.4 boat speed and 6-7 over ground. Close hauled all day. Made Great Harbour Cay by 5:45 right before sunset. Dropped the hook, made dinner, semi rearranged the boat. Need to better prepare next time. Stuff everywhere, nothing broke. Made some calls. Done!
Dockage $.00
Engine – 11 hrs – 184.5 FF Total