January 07, 2019

David’s new Lobster catcher

Monday. Off the mooring ball this morning to go fill up the fuel cans and our water tank and gerry cans. Back to the mooring ball. Came in at 11:30, grabbed a couple of bikes and went to Verizon, West Marine (needed to exchange my new Luci light) and Ace Hardware. Tried to get the Verizon app to work on my tablet AGAIN and it’s still screwed up. Back to the boat for dinner, kind of a fiasco as our hamburgers got a little thawed and turned into a big blob, oh well. Grabbed the Expanse and went in to watch a couple episodes on the Blue Ray.
Dockage $30.00 ??
Engine – 0 hrs – 152.5 FF Total
Diesel $31.85 Gas $17.55

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