December 16, 2018

Planning, still have lots to do. Alma came and took us to Walgreens as we had meds to pick up and joined their drug plan, works good. Also went grocery shopping, so that was another thing off the list. Nicer weather and we will be here till Thurs. we think. Working on the Johnson outboard. Apparently our solar system was off too. We couldn’t figure out why the batteries didn’t seem to be charging very good and thought we needed new ones. Turns out the breaker was switched off, we think from one of the storms, possibly in Beaufort NC quite awhile back. Soooo, flipped that back on and boy what a difference! Dave and Leslie, JJ and Encore(Mary and Chris) all showed up today.
Dockage $25.00
Engine – 0 hrs – 121.5 FF Total

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