November 18, 2018

Off by 6:30 to go thru the Pungo/Alligator Canal. Looks foggy. Had a great night. The tugs come up the river about 4:30 with their spotlights on. JJ, North Coast(a small catamaran) and others off as well. A big power boat called Nasty Bouys came plowing thru everybody making a tsunami size wake and shaking everyone up about 9:30, very RUDE boater. The canals are all no wake and this is a protected area, and he expected everyone he passed to slow down, NOT the way it works. Saw our 1st palm tree by 10. Almost got run into the shoals at the mouth of Goose creek by another powerboat and a huge commercial shrimp boat from RE Mayo. They both ended up stuck and we went around them. Very frustrating. Anchored in a little bay, Bonner creek off the Bay river by 3pm. JJ came too.

Dockage $0.00
Engine – 8.5 hrs – 42 FF Total

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