August 24, 2018

Changed fuel filter to the 30 micron. Left at 8:30 to head towards Port Clinton/Sandusky OH. South wind 10-20, so on the nose, direction we are going, YEAH… 1st – engine died right after we left, overheating. From all the weeds at the wall, we sucked them up into the water intake and clogged the engine. Marge in panic! Gypsy Spirit rafted up and we did circle spins till we cleaned them out. Next into Lake Erie with the wind on the nose, and waves already 3-5ft, so sort of a crashing into it day, Erie is very shallow and WEEDY, so waves build quick. So with all the crashing into it, the anchor came loose and went overboard! Didn’t lose it as it had a safety line on it, but David had to go up and retrieve it. Oh Joy! Next…finally the wind went a little more to the West and we popped the head sail, speed went from 2-3 knots and very lumpy to 6-7 knots close hauled but better. Made Battery Park in Sandusky by 7:50pm. They close at 8. Yeah.

Dockage $63.00
Engine – 11.50 hrs

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