One Year Of Sail Wandering Toes

20160902_094828Wow!  Marge and I are sitting in a coffee shop in Bayfield, Wisconsin, sipping on our Mocha’s and just being a part of the world.  We spent last night tied up to the City Dock here in Bayfield after a sleepless night in a rolling anchorage the night before.  It’s a beautiful Friday morning on the eve of the Labor Day weekend and the touristy town on the shore of Lake Superior in the heart of the Apostle Islands National Lake-shore is buzzing.  We’ve been out sailing for the last week in our home grounds of the Apostle Islands and just laying low.  Our original plans for this vacation was to punch north and check into Canada and explore a few of the remote Canadian islands just to the east of Thunder Bay, but with all of the chaos surrounding Marge’s brothers death and the flurry of activity involved in getting everyone together and planning an untimely funeral, we decided that a low-key week of just hiding out in the islands where we are completely comfortable would be preferable.

Sitting here, it dawns on me that we finally undertook this blogging adventure and the task of setting up our website and getting this show on the road exactly one year ago over the Labor Day weekend in 2015. I have wanted to do this for a long time and be able to better share with friends and family and anyone really who might be inspired by what we do.  Now it’s been one year and it has become a part of us.  I’m still not able to have the time to contribute and share every day or week.  We still have full-time jobs that consume the lions share of our productive time, but we have tried to dig deep and at least get the website and blog started.  Yes, this is just the start of our adventure.  One year.  As time marches inexorably on, we are never sure what each day will bring, and yet if you are not there to record it and share it and add your words and feelings and add your signature to the story it somehow seems less meaningful.  It’s not easy making the extra effort to capture and share and organize your thoughts into a coherent story, but I hope that it is worthwhile to everyone who may be seeing this.  We are very grateful to have you as family or friend or follower.  Just knowing that you are able to see what we are doing helps to keep us closer.

20160901_155026We did not know what this last year would bring us and we never could have expected some of the wild turn of events.  Having a front row seat is what this is all about I guess.  We want to offer a huge Thank You to those who read our stories or watch our crazy videos.  We hope that you can find them informative, amusing or interesting enough to stay with us.  Our last Spring Sailboat Projects, Part 3 video is ready to upload and we will get that uploaded next week for everyone to see.  I know it seems late, but we are about to begin working on the next set of videos that will show more sailing and more interesting stuff on the water.  It takes us a while and you will just have to stay tuned!

So here we begin our second year and moving forward into the unknown.  We have our plans and dreams and tasks before us. We will continue to do our best to share everything and keep it interesting.

Happy Labor Day!

David and Marge Back
s/v Wandering Toes

3 thoughts on “One Year Of Sail Wandering Toes”

  1. Dear M&D, Hope the Lake has been able to heal your hearts and soothe your souls a bit as it always does for me. Love you both.


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