Spring Boat Projects, Part 1

Hi all!

We wanted to check in with everyone and let you know that we’ve uploaded our latest new video to YouTube!  We’ve been working like crazy on our boat projects every spare moment for months.  It’s been fun, tiring, exciting, terrifying, slow and furious all at the same time.  And through it all, we have done our best to capture at least some of our adventures for you to see.  There ended up being way too much for one video, so I titled this one “Part 1” and will try to tell the rest of the story in the next episode.  I know it’s been way too long since our last video, but we are going to try to get new ones uploaded more regularly from now on.  I think I’m starting to get a handle on the whole process and every new thing I learn helps to make the next video quicker or better, hopefully both.  We have so many exciting things planned for this summer, so Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see what we’ve been up to and keep up with our progress.  And feel free to share the blog and video links with whomever you think might enjoy them, the more the merrier!

And no, trying to pound out the old thru-hulls did not work despite my efforts.  You’ll just have to watch the video to see what I’m talking about.  I ended up fashioning a screw-jack from hardware store parts and a wood block to press them out.  No video of the actual extraction exists.  Probably better for my sanity to forget the episode!

SSWT Spring Projects Part 1o without further ado, here is a glimpse of just some of what we’ve been up to!

Thanks for watching!

David and Marge Back
Sail Wandering Toes

3 thoughts on “Spring Boat Projects, Part 1”

  1. Wow what a lot of work, but when it all comes together it is great! Congratulations and Happy Sailing. Loved the new dinghy.


  2. Love your video bro!!! Let’s all celebrate the first day of SUMMER!! Ya whoooo! May the sun be in your eyes and the wind in your sails 🙂 Enjoy every minute . . .


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