The mad, mad month of May

We have a sad announcement. Marge’s Mom, Angie Effinger passed away on May 2nd early in the morning. The entire family was gathered for services and it has been a sad time for us. Angie lived a very long and full life and passed away in her sleep after reaching her goal of living to 100. That’s a feat of unimaginable strength and she will forever be in our hearts.

And so our plans have been scattered along with our emotions as we pick up the pieces. We are a bit off schedule, but not off track. As Marge always reminds me, things take longer than expected. We are deep into our electronics refit with wires running everywhere, floorboards pulled up, inspection panels opened up and tools everywhere. It never seems like it will be able to be put back together. We are still on the hard in the parking lot, but we have a great view of the lake. If all goes well, we are still hoping for a Memorial Day afternoon launch.  Then we can refocus our efforts on installing the radar on the mast and getting it re-stepped in the next few weeks.  We may even be sailing by mid-June if all goes well. Through all of this, we are doing our best to gather all of our many projects on video, but cannot find time or creative energy to put it together and upload anything. I may need to do a whirlwind catch-up video just to show everything.

Thanks to everyone for keeping us in their thoughts.  The sun is going to come out any day now, I just know it!