A nice fall weekend – 2015

150912-sand islandWe raced to the boat on Friday night after work, loaded all our gear and food aboard and were off to Sand Island by 5:45pm. The winds were northwest at about 10 knots and we found ourselves with bigger than expected swells coming from the west.  The swells were bouncing the boat around and it just required us to pay attention and keep the boat under control. It takes us two hours to reach East bay of Sand Island from Cornucopia and the sun would be setting at 7:25.  We knew we would be anchoring just after sunset and that was keeping us focused.  There were several of our friends out on their boats last week and we knew they would be coming westward from the islands as the weekend approached and we hoped to be able to meet up with them.  Calls on the VHF radio yielded no response.  We went south of Sand Island and got anchored at 7:45.  There were two other boats in there, but not our friends.  We sat up and watched the stars for a couple of hours and saw a few northern lights before going to bed.

Saturday morning when we woke up it was about 45 degrees in the boat so we made blueberry muffins for breakfast letting the oven help warm up the boat.  We made VHF calls to our friends again with no response yet. We read for awhile and went for a kayak paddle up to the sea caves at Swallow Point and into Justice Bay to walk the beach.  The swells were still very apparent and it was tricky kayaking in the sea caves, but it was fun.  The day was perfectly sunny and nice, about 70 degrees with winds about 5-10 knots still northwest.  We finally contacted a few friends on the radio.  The weather overnight was supposed to turn very windy so we decided to head back into the marina for the night.

Sunday we went with our friends Will and Linda to Bayfield for a nice breakfast.  We hiked the trail up by the Old Iron Bridge for a bit.  We are relaxing today and just being happy on our boat.

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